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Celebrating Thanksgiving Alone

Even if I communicate with Americans every single day, my home is in Denmark. Here they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as such. They haven’t adopted it the way they have adopted some other American traditions, such as Valentine and Halloween and Black Friday.  Yes, we have Black Friday here for sure, but without the Thanksgiving. Go figure.

If you anticipate spending Thanksgiving alone, perhaps that’s the way you’d like it too. No Thanksgiving equals no pain, no conflict, no loneliness.

But then, it would also mean no gratitude. And that would be such a pity, because…

Gratitude makes you happy!

Just for fun, here’s an article showing no less than 31 benefits of gratitude!

But even knowing this, if Thanksgiving means being alone, or not being with those you’d really love to be with, you still may feel disheartened. I understand –  I’ve been there (not with Thanksgiving, but through other equally important holidays).

Ideally, I’d love to invite you for a ThanksGiving celebration personally, but I have obligations that day that I cannot change. So I’ll be with you in my thoughts and heart instead. And, most importantly:

Whether you’ll be alone or with others, I invite you to…

Create a Thanksgiving celebration for yourself!

Here’s how:

During the Thanksgiving Day,

  1. Set time aside for your very own Gratitude Shower
  2. Create or buy a present for yourself. Something you will really enjoy. Wrap it up as beautifully as you would for anyone else.
  3. Plan the celebration

Think about it this way: You have the freedom to create it in any way you want, with any food and decoration and anything at all that you would enjoy, be it turkey or veggies, music or silence, pumpkin or flowers, pie or fruit.  Or something completely different. Anything goes!

Just make it as joyful and sweet for yourself as you possibly can.

But most importantly:

Feel and express your gratitude:

Pick any of the ideas below, or invent your own:

  • Write a gratitude letter
  • Paint a gratitude painting
  • Dance a gratitude dance
  • Speak your gratitude
  • Sing your gratitude
  • Contemplate silently the gratitude in your heart

Enjoy the opportunity to…

Thank for everything and everyone that you’re grateful for, today, in the past and even in the future.

And then be sure to add this secret sauce:

Express deep, heartfelt gratitude towards yourself!

Thank you for living your life, day after day.

Thank you for being here to experience  your life, with your body and mind, heart and soul.

Thank you for being who you are, this amazing, unique miracle of a human being.

Thank you for no reason.

Thank you!

And then, give yourself the present you prepared as an expression of your gratitude towards yourself and take time to enjoy it!

Meanwhile, here are my gifts for you (click the image): 


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