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Below are a few testimonials from some of my former clients:

Judy (US) “You go above and beyond and that is what sets you apart from other coaches.  I appreciate your willingness and open heart in supporting me in seeing the beauty of all things in my journey. I have come to a deep understanding that Life supports us fully at all times.  This is one of the greatest gifts you have helped me come to see and know.  I can love myself again.  I think one calls this “priceless”.  Thank You for your time and your kindness and mostly for not judging me.  I feel completely safe with you, which helps me feel at ease to express myself and my experiences.  It also gives me freedom to work through some limiting beliefs.  I like feeling and knowing you are being honest with me at all times.  Thank You for your Presence.   I’m getting my Life back now.  You said, “Everything is a gift.”  I believe that now.  “

Marianne Wilhelm (Denmark) “I just wanted to write to express my appreciation of you having become my coach. I now find myself able to choose joy in all areas of my life. I know now, that the fear that has been my faithful companion all  my life is simply an aspect of my life that I can be with, and when I can’t I know where I can look for help. I’m so amazed and at the same time it feels completely natural to have that awareness about myself. I thought I was moving with very small step, but now it appears to be giant steps.”

Vickie Lewis (US) “I have worked with a couple of coaches and teachers over the past few years, but one of the amazing things with Halina is that she leads me right back to ME every time–encouraging me to trust my experience–to create my own journey, my own set of knowings and beliefs.  She goes beyond being just a coach though, in the traditional way. The only way I can introduce you to her work that feels comfortable to me is to say that, if you are familiar with Wayne Dyer’s ‘field of intention’ or Carl Jung’s ‘collective consciousness or, if you have done any kind of energy work–this is how you get in touch with that level of energy.”

S.Larsen (Denmark) “Halina’s coaching enabled me to see how it all “made sense”. It’s as if all the many things that I have learned and done over the past years suddenly become meaningful. I have received so many tools and insights from Halina, that I feel that I have learned more from our first 5 coaching sessions than I have learned over the last 3 years by reading tons of books and participating in dozens of courses. Halina saw the patterns and connections in my life and invited me to create changes. When I chose to do so she also showed me how to do it. It’s simply brilliant! Communicating with Halina was both enjoyable and serene and I looked forward to each new session. Slowly but surely my fear was transformed to drive. Thank you for being here, Halina.”

Rosalina Hansen  (Denmark) “What I have learned from you has been incredibly valuable for me. You conveyed to me that we are our own authority. It feels so easy and free, I have never before had such a deep contact  with my joy for such a long period of time”

Katherine (US): “Your words and your ability to hold space for me were such a gift to both me and my mom. I allow her to really feel emotions and encourage her to let them run…until they quiet back down. It’s lovely and for you, I am grateful!”

Nancy Heimstra (US) “Halina is a wonderful coach. I found her to be insightful, knowing, and most of all she comes from a place of joy. Her wisdom combined with her heartfelt manner is a delight. I find her writing speaks directly to my heart with a deep resonance.”

Tink Serval (Netherlands) “I have enjoyed every second with you! I find you to be very sharp, smart, insightful, loving, compassionate…   all in all great coach and an inspiration!”