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New Year – new inspiration

You could argue that the New Year is just a man made concept. But then again, when millions of people cultivate that arbitrary shift together, then it becomes very real, something that you feel and relate to. In that sense dedicating this time of the year to new beginnings makes total sense, however you do it.

Personally, I love new beginnings and new projects all year long! but even so, this time of a year really is special. Not because I’m into goal setting (my life tends to have its own agenda anyhow), but because I find it supportive and inspiring to have a sense of inner focus and a feeling of how I want to move through the year.

I’m going to show you a sweet way of finding that focus, but first, let me share with you what projects I have I’ll be working on and sharing with you this year:

  • The Way From Lonely To Home (a workbook)
  • Videos on the art of Solo Living
  • A workshop on the Art of Creating Your Life Intentionally
  • A Love and Support Group Coaching program
  • Webinars
  • Speaking events (offline! in the big world out there) 
  • Interviews (who would you like me to interview by the way?)
  • A novel about a divorced woman’s journey through the Amazon rainforest (not sure if I finish it this year though)

If you have any  suggestions, wishes or comments to the above share them below or write to me!

Meanwhile, here’s an inspiring way of creating a fresh start for yourself: 

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