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Love is closer than you know and it is not hiding

Love is hereIf you attended any of my webinars you’ve heard me sharing the story of the sudden awakening to love that I experienced in one of the darkest times of my life. You can also read about it here

What I wanted to share with you today is that there is  nothing special about it. Or rather, it is very special but it is not special to me.

Having lived with it for so many years, and while continuing to explore it, I see more and more how we’re always embraced with love – and yet, most of the time we have no idea. We cannot quite feel it.

It is as if love is hiding from us and we’re chasing it, and longing for it, and yearning for it, and often seeking it in all the wrong places.

But the thing is that love is not ever hiding from us or evading us!

On the contrary, it is us hiding, it is us disconnecting from it, it is us pretending it’s not here. And we don’t even know that this is what we do. We’re human and this is life on Earth.

And that’s why it is possible to experience pain one moment, and love the next. Because these states co-exist at the same time, in you!

It’s so important to realize that love is here already and that it is your birthright to feel it and to experience it and to enjoy that sweet embrace.

It is there, and you can open to it, but most probably not when you expect it. Rather, it will happen when the time is right.

Because that’s how healing happens. It doesn’t happen when we want it to, and it doesn’t quite happen because we do certain things. Healing takes place when it’s time heal.

And yet, our eagerness to make it happen, our devotion to the journey and to finding love, and our ways of living do affect that divine timing.

And so, knowing that there are things that disconnect us and there are things that help us re-connect, we can give more space to that which does bring us closer to love, to peace, to joy.

Simple things like

  • meditation
  • spending time in nature, taking nature in through essential oils
  • being present
  • allowing yourself to be whoever you are
  • willing to love  yourself, to support yourself, to appreciate yourself, to be kind to yourself, and last but not least:
  • relaxation.  

Actually, deep relaxation, in all its simplicity, is more important than you may suspect. I noticed that recently, when I decided to spend much more time in creative flow than I have in a year or so (It’s been a year way too busy for me. Lesson learned…).

The level of peace and presence that I experience now is very different from what I experienced just a couple of months before. There is of course much more to it – a deep transformation, something old dying and something new being born… But still…

If you want to open more to the love and the joy and the warmth that is right here with you, waiting for you to notice it, then create more time for deep relaxation. If you’re not sure how, let me send you these tools and resources.

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