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Loneliness To Love Video and Audio

When It Feels Like You’re Losing It


How To Find Support With Essential Oils


What To Do When You Miss Someone

There’s more about this experience in the Missing post here

A Fresh Start


Happy Holidays – However They Feel


Why Is My Life So Challenging?

Here’s an abundance of self-care ideas for you

Turning Loneliness To Joy And Fulfillment

Listen it to this in-depth interview with Halina featured at

Nedalee’s own life has been one of those tragedy to triumph stories too, including in terms of money. She’s taken it all the way, from living in a mobile home to owning a multi-million dollar company. She is a great spirit that also has a very practical approach to money. Check out her “Live like a Princess” program here. 

How To Celebrate Holidays Alone?

Here’s how to create a Thanksgiving Celebration For you

Is It Awkward To Talk About Loneliness?

Why Is It So Hard To Ask For Help?

How To Connect More With My Body?