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How to turn a New Year intention into lasting innovation

Note: Below is an almost word-to-word transcript of the “New Year Intention To Lasting Innovation” video.


Happy New Year! 

The new year, at least in our culture, is a way to end something and to begin something new and for many people that leads to some contemplation on what you have experienced and achieved in the last year and what your intentions are for the next year.  So I wanted to share a few thoughts about that. First of all, I really believe in

The joy and the power of gratitude

I’m going to spend some time and I invite you also to spend some time in gratitude for the year that is ending now.

Gratitude, to me, is not just gratitude for the best or what we immediately feel or think was the best, but rather for the entire year, for everything you have experienced and, perhaps most of all, gratitude towards yourself for having experienced it, for having taken the journey from the beginning to the end of one year and now getting ready for the next. 


Now, again, as part of our culture, this is a time where many people set intentions and goals for the new year  and make plans for the new year. And, as I am sure you have experienced yourself and with  other people, many of those intentions for the new year last a week or two, or maybe a month, and then they dissolve and are forgotten because of the busyness of our lives. That’s perfectly fine, I think.  But:

If you really want to prepare for the new year and really want to support yourself on the next step of your journey:

I’d like to share some experiences and insights, if you will, that I hope you will find helpful:  

In order for a new year intention or a new year decision to have a more lasting effect, I feel it’s important that it comes from a deeper place. 

The deeper you can go, the more you will be able to find an intention or a decision that is truly in alignment with your path, with your journey, with the life you are creating here from your birth and all the way. 

So just to give you an example, you know, many people would say, “I want to meditate more this year,” or, “I want to exercise more this year.”  Well, perhaps meditation as such, or exercise as such, doesn’t necessarily come from the deepest place in you. 

Maybe there is another vision waiting for you to see it or to be seen and to be embraced?

What I invite you to try is spend some time in meditation or in contemplation or in writing– whatever works for you; whatever is the best way for you to really go inside and listen to your soul, so to speak…  Take that time and rather than defining beforehand what you want to achieve or reach or experience next year, ask.

Ask for a vision

Ask that deeper side of you, ask that deeper perspective within you, ask your soul if you want, or ask your God if you want, whatever you resonate with, ask that deepest place in you what vision it has for you for the next year and see what comes up. Here’s how. 

With that, you will also:

Align with all the support that life has for you, all the power that life will give you to actually manifest your vision and intention.  

So it’s not about having the right vision, it’s not that any other goal or wish is not right; it’s that the deeper you go, the more support you get because you are really in tune with what you truly want, with what truly brings you joy, what really would bring you happiness.

Because, and I really believe that, the more we are in alignment with ourselves, with our deep calling and deep yearning and the deep purpose of our journey, the happier we become. 

So what I would like to suggest is that when you have that vision of the one, two, three things, whatever it is, that you want to either achieve or move towards this year, make a list of that. You can also:

Create an open structure for your daily life that’s based on your vision and intention



The idea here is that you remain in touch with the original intention and then let it become more specific on the day when you are actually going to do that and with that it becomes something joyful, something that you are passionate about, and it will totally transform the way you do the things. 

So I invite you to try that.

But again, first and before anything else, thank yourself for the year that you have experienced and invite yourself to the next year.

Have a very, very Happy New Year!

Please share your experiences and thoughts below – and then share the post. Someone will be glad you did!

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