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3 days with 300 people on a journey into the power of the heart

Present with othersEven if you may want to, you cannot take anyone into the very source of your being. Even if some of it can be shared, the essential communication with your soul remains your own internal experience

. And yet, sometimes it is the presence of others that creates the sort of energetical support where you can open that inner door for yourself. When many people meet with the distinct purpose to open their heart and when there is a skilled and wise person that understands how to facilitate that kind of a process, the collective opening, the collective intensity can be so very helpful!

I have experienced just that during a transformational 3-days event with Steinar Ditlefsen, an internationally acclaimed speaker based here in Denmark. It really was an experience more than anything – and I wouldn’t know how to share a journey like this in writing. If I did, it would be more or less about the heart – not how it feels to actually connect more with your heart, your soul, the essence of you. So how about I share this instead:

  • A couple of specific elements that were part of that deepened experience
  • A few thoughts about being a Solo Soul and participating in an event with some 300 people

Let me start with the latter:

What does it even mean to be alone?

The thing is that, uncharacteristically, I did not go there alone. A friend of mine gifted me with a ticket for the event, and it was very much a shared experience – a beautiful new dimension of our friendship. This said, because I do live a Solo Soul life most of the time, I was very much aware of the participants that went there alone. I so appreciated their presence!

But also the other way round. People that come in groups, are still individual people, let’s not forget that! :-) At the end of the day, we all travel through life alone – just like at the end of the day we never are alone.

There are thousands of ways in which we can find and connect with others, if and when so inspired. Just like there are thousands of ways in which we can disconnect from each other and from ourselves. None of it is necessarily defined by external circumstances.

Joy: the potential vs the actuality

This was my ultimate hope for the event: To deepen an inner connection with my soul, so that I can express it more in the world, express it as much and as powerfully and as joyfully as I long to do.

Because, even if I feel at home in terms of loving and knowing myself, even if I get to contribute in the world in some ways, even if I get to express myself in some ways, even if I feel joy every day, there is a feeling of there being more waiting to be expressed and yet hiding, more layers to open to and so much more love and joy to be shared.

Just like you, just like all of us, I am here to contribute with my voice and my unique expression. It’s an unsettling feeling and it’s a good thing too. It’s a tension that pushes me to stretch my being more, stretch my expression more, stretch my courage more. Participating in a Heart Power event with 300 other people was a step in that direction.

But then again, no event in this world will make a difference unless you’re willing and ready. Fortunately, I was, and I did experience a break-through of a kind. Which, really, was just a beginning, a possibility, an invitation. And a challenge too, to take that experience with me in my daily life, in everything I do. Not an easy task at all!

In any case, while transformations happen when they happen and in the way they happen, I’d like to share a very simple exercise with you that is an adaptation of something beautiful that we did together there – and that you can do alone as well!

Get the “Meeting Yourself” instructions here

The other element that I want to share with you and that you can access directly, is:

The Power Of The Heart Movie

Perhaps one day we can watch this movie together at a live retreat. Wouldn’t that be great?

Until then, let’s explore and expand the power of the heart across time and space – alone and together.

Please share your thoughts and this inspiration with friends, in the communities you’re part of, on social media and in comments. Someone out there will be glad you did! Thank you!

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  • Leyla June 18, 2015, 10:14 am

    I love this whole notion of duality – that you can be alone and with others, or with others and alone. And the idea of deepen friendships by adding new dimensions to them is also one I don’t consider enough. Than you for the thought-provoking post!

  • Anonymous June 18, 2015, 2:16 pm

    I agree and thanks for this Halina and glad you found the event enhanced your experience and took time to share with us…
    Yes, it would be nice for us to meet up some time at a retreat and to watch the movie!
    The Heart is so very powerful!
    As a Christian, I believe that it is God who puts desires in our heart (for the good) and that He grants us the desires of our heart too!
    It would be good to know the ‘thousand of ways’ we can connect with others too!

    • Halina June 18, 2015, 6:46 pm

      Thank you!

      As you say, whatever is in our hearts has the potential to unfold. That includes ways to connect with others – and ways to create a retreat. :-)

      What we don’t know is how it will happen and when it will happen. And, I’ll be pondering both so let’s see what time and life brings!

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