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What’s Really In Your Name? A Self-Healing Meditation

Healing Your NameYou were brought to this world by life itself, straight from the source.

You. The special you. You like no one else.

When you arrived – and perhaps even before that – your parents spent time finding a name just for you. And then they gave it to you. So that you could always be found, when called by your name.

How many times have you heard your name over the course of your entire life?

It has been said and sung, whispered and shouted, in all kinds of voices, by all kinds of people

You have said it just about every time you have met someone new, for whatever reasons. Hundreds or thousands of times, hardly noticing perhaps that you were sharing this special sound, this unique symbol of you being you.

You have written it on countless occasions, on paper and on sand, in official papers and intimate letters, in hand, typed, painted on a wall perhaps…

Your name is out there, like a ray of the sun.

Your name is in the awareness of people those that are close to you. And it is also in the awareness of strangers that you don’t even know are keeping your name in their heart (but they are).

Your name is more important than you know. To the world and to you.

Your name is a trace.

I imagine that whenever we think or say something the thought leaves a trace in our consciousness, like a foot treading on fresh grass.

If it only happens once, the grass will rise again and you will hardly be able to  see anyone’s been there at all.

When we think the same thought many times the trace becomes stronger, more permanent, like a path through a meadow.

Your name is a trace in your consciousness, in your feelings and even in your body.

Most of us are utterly unaware of it. We don’t really listen to our name. We just use it as a label, a practical way to identify ourselves, nothing more.

Yet there is so much more to it.

Your name is a trace that has become distinct over the year. And yet it’s not just one thing. Your name connects you with countless memories,  stories and meanings, gathered throughout your entire life.

Healing your name

Listening to your name with awareness may open your eyes to how you feel when you are being called by your name. Since this is something we rarely examine, it can be quite an enlightening experience – and also an opportunity to bring a little bit more love, joy and healing into your life.

Download The Healing Your Name Meditation Instructions

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  • Serenity April 21, 2015, 12:59 pm

    Hi Halina, yes I think there is meaning in our names too …
    Sometimes in our lives however, we may have to take on a different name for different reasons .. even this I believe, has significance in our life (as I don’t think there are any co incidences) but hearing our name (ie. especially the name we were brought up with) can be an enlightening and joyful experience!

    • Halina April 23, 2015, 2:48 pm

      Absolutely! I know people that have taken on other names and experienced it as liberating. And, coming to peace with the name that has been there once is of great value as well, I believe. One does not exclude the other. :-)

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