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Happy Holidays – However They Feel

Dear Friends,

Throughout December, and culminating these days, while Happy Holidays is being said over and over, it’s not all that simple. Actually, the whole palette of our collective emotions is in use right now, from the brightest colors to the darkest, from fear to expectation. And that’s Okay.

However you feel, whatever you look forward to, or dread, you’re not alone.

You’re not alone in your joy and you’re not alone in your sadness.

Whatever story you’re living and will be living, there are others with similar stories. 

I personally have experienced all kinds of holidays in my life: magical, desperate, lonely, fulfilled, empty, enlightened, alone, with others…. You name it and if I haven’t tried something similar, someone else has.

But even knowing that we’re in it together, there’s something else I want you to remember:

However you feel and wherever you are, you are here.
You are here for you, and for the world.
You are the gift! 

And it is in that spirit that I wish you Happy Holidays. Knowing that the “Happy” lives within you and is waiting for you to find it there.

Whether you can feel it right now or not, there’s infinitely more joy living inside you than you can imagine!

However your holidays are going to unfold, you are on your way towards more joy – and I am dedicated to help you experience it!

With love,

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