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Is your energy hiding? Go find it!

Energy FlowLiving alone (or feeling alone) often comes with having a lot less exchange with other people than a more family/community centered life has. It means having to be self-sufficient, in beautiful ways and in challenging ways. It means that your energy system has to be more self-supporting too.

You’re not being constantly energized (or depleted for that sake) by interactions with other people. You’re more a world in its own. Well, we all are, but still, this is different.

Also, the ability to be self-contained energywise can vary a lot through different stages of and different ares of our life. I’ve never had problems being self-sufficient mentally. Emotionally it’s been a struggle for decades (that loneliness struggle and journey …but only until I found the source of love within.

Spiritually, it didn’t take all that long to find myself. The area that took the longest to embrace and make my own, was (and is still to some degree) the physical.

How do you sustain your physical energy?

The first thing I learned, 10 years ago or so, is that even if I don’t get much sleep, I can still function pretty well.

It started with me waking up each and every night, and staying awake for hours. At first, I was desperate: how was I supposed to work when I didn’t get my rest? But then I discovered:

Sleep isn’t the only form of rest. When I cannot sleep, I meditate the best I can. That’s definitely rest too.

When I’m a bit tired in the morning I start working anyhow and energy follows.

Plus, when I don’t worry about lack of sleep then I don’t waste energy on worrying…

This, apparently, is the thing with energy. All energy, not just physical:

Use what you’ve got. Don’t hold back.

During my recent travel to the US I noticed that I prefer to get to know my surroundings slowly, walking rather than taking the bus. As a result I was much more physically active during these 6 weeks than I ever do at home. And what I noticed was not only that I could go much further than I thought I could, but also that I had access to more energy than I expected. In fact:

The more you use it, the more you get

Within limits, obviously, but still, this is the experience. So many times, when I just sit here at home and write and work and do all the other things that I do in front of the computer, I get tired and I get hungry. So I get some food and eat it. And work some more. And eat. But I don’t move. Or sing, for that matter. Or breathe as deeply as I could.

Whereas, during my “walking vacation”, I felt less hungry and less tired. Yes, that’s it exactly: The more I used my body, the less lack I experienced in terms of physical energy!

A dear friend who recently went on a pilgrimage – walking long distances each day and carrying everything she needed on her back – experienced something similar. During the pilgrimage she was eating less and had more energy than when she was at home.

She also felt less lonely, by the way, even if she was alone most of the time. When we move our bodies, and move them in ways that we enjoy, our energy – physical energy too – begins to flow, to circulate. It nourishes us, it fulfills us, it brings us joy and peace, it connects us with our environment.

Whereas when we sit still we may not even be aware of its presence! So we feel depleted and seek it outside. In food, for example. Which is fine in itself, but without being in touch with your sacred body, it leads to a never ending hunger rather than enjoying the abundant experiences of our physical life (and life in general).

It’s the same with love

When you share your love (with yourself and with your environment), love flows, circulates, expands and does all its loving magic.

When you’re not able to or willing to share it, you feel depleted and seek it outside. In other people, for example. Which then becomes a never ending hunger for love rather than sharing in love’s abundance. Oh, and:

It’s the same with money.

When you’re open to love and appreciation, when you value yourself and are receptive, your financial flow grows and supports you.

When you’re not open to appreciation, this too becomes a hunger: a hunger for money, for things, for everything that you think you cannot do without money. It sometimes also becomes debt. Or a never ending sense of deprivation, of un-fulfillment, rather than sharing in this world’s abundant gifts.

Flow in, flow out, flow round and round

Whether it’s financial, mental, emotional, spiritual or physical vitality and energy, if you give and give and give without taking in, the flow will stop and you will deplete yourself. That’s obvious. 

But it also goes the other way round: If you take and take and take without giving, the flow will stop too and you’ll feel suffocated and, ironically, just as depleted.

So the art of it is in keeping that flow alive in every way. In fact, when you’re open to flow, there is no taking and no giving at all, there is only sharing, only oneness. You can experience that alone and you can experience that with others. Energy is energy regardless.

Here’s how to get to know and expand your energy flow

We’re all different, we have our stories, our preferences, our unique nature. Life is, among other things, about getting to know ourselves in terms of sustaining and circulating our energy too.

I, for example, thought that I had too little physical energy and needed sleep and food. I know now that I have more energy at my disposal than I think and I want to learn how to connect with it more. How about you?

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Get To Know Your Energy

Share your thoughts, experiences and this inspiration with friends, in the communities you’re part of, on social media as well as in comments below. Someone out there will be glad you did! Thank you!

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  • J-Ryze September 4, 2015, 9:21 pm

    I enjoyed this. Flow is so important, in so many areas of life, and comically or tragically… rarely taught or emphasized.

    • Halina September 5, 2015, 6:24 am

      Thank you Jason! So great to see you here – I admire your free spirit!

  • Bonnie Lynch September 4, 2015, 9:51 pm

    Halina! I miss you and your beautiful spirit. This was a lovely piece. I noticed that after moving to the country I had to think a lot more about self-sufficiency and being more isolated socially and geographically than I had been when I lived in a big city. What you say about energy is so true: even if you feel you don’t quite have enough, get started and see how it goes. It usually goes better than you think it will, and if it doesn’t–well, that’s a sign that you might need to slow down and go inside yourself a bit more to investigate.
    Thanks for giving this topic such a nice, thoughtful rendering.

    • Halina September 5, 2015, 6:27 am

      Thank you Bonnie! I’d love to talk again and hear more about your life now! I’ll email you.

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