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A calling – not a preference

Calling YOUThere comes a time when your direction in life is no longer a matter of preference – it’s more like a giant calling. The calling could have been there all the way, but there’s so much we need to experience first, so many roads to travel, so many people to meet, or not… Until the time comes, at the 7th stage of the journey or perhaps long before that, when there’s only one way to go – the one that’s calling YOU.

I had a sweet glimpse of that as I was planning my US trip a few months ago. It came through a song that I love and have known for years, but which, suddenly, started playing in my head (and heart) again and again and again, for days and weeks:

It wasn’t very clear to me though, what was calling me exactly, not until the transition kicked off.

Yes, that’s how it felt, like a giant (and loving and fun) kick of energy! First, through the presence of 300 beautiful people at the Copenhagen Heart Power Experience. Which then got amplified by the presence of 3000 magical people wanting to live a heart-centered life in a conventional world.

The challenge now is to continue that journey alone! even if it’s never really alone…

Being the Solo Soul I am, I enjoy ‘alone’ as much as I enjoy ‘together’ (or more), but believe me: The kind of connection, power and beauty that I experienced through these great gatherings is not easy to carry and maintain alone.

That’s just the way it is and it is one of the challenges  of being human. There are other people here for you, supporting you beautifully, life is here for you, supporting you wisely, and –  some things are on you!

I have a sense of “what’s on me” that I trust and invest myself in, mainly because I it seems to come from a place within that has a bigger perspective than I usually have.

Some of it is kind of wild! I’m open to it as a possibility though for one simple reason: I would never make something like that up – I’m not half as daring as that vision implies and my personal style and preference is to go small rather than go big.

This said, even if there is this emerging vision none of it is etched in stone or predestined per se. It feels like a choice of options, like something to experiment with until it becomes clear which seeds grow and become trees and which were flowers, or nothing. More specifically:

It’s possible that I can and shall reignite some of the work I’ve been offering previously.

It’s possible that I shall start on a journey towards something bigger or entirely different (that’s the scary part).

It depends on what is needed and what unfolds.

In this spirit I feel I can take it one step at a time and go with the flow of it. I like that! And, while I have no idea what all the steps may or may not be (and I’m grateful for not knowing that)…

I know what my very next step is:

It is to find out how I can, on top of the inspiration and transformational exercises that are for you here on the blog:


Only you know where you are and what you need

In that spirit, I invite you take some time (today or within the next few days) to ponder

  • where are you on your journey?
  • what changes do you feel you need to go through at this time?
  • what do you think would help you get there?

I would love to know about it so please share those observations here or via email! In the meantime, I will be working on my next specific step and will be sharing it with you here soon. Stay tuned!

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