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The broken heart dilemma

We all had our heart broken. 

It’s part of being human. Actually, we have had our heart broken many more times than we remember. And since far from every instance of broken heart was healed and embraced right there, this is also:

How we learned to fear vulnerability

No wonder that we needed to learn how to protect ourselves, as we did. Most of us have learned to either hide our broken heart and naked skin or to protect it with a shield of some kind. A shield that let us meet other people and meet the world from a certain protective distance. That shield worked — more or less.

It still works. So much so, that we are hardly noticing that the safe distance that we have created between ourselves and the world goes both ways. In other words, we have also distanced ourselves from ourselves. We have lost the intimate connection with our naked soul and with that, with our naked, unconditional love and our naked, unlimited joy.

This is the price we’re paying for protecting our broken heart

The price we’re paying for feeling more safe and less vulnerable is feeling less loving and less loved, less joyful and less powerful than we could. Because, the heart is also the source of great power.

But even if we all had our hearts broken, and we all have disconnected ourselves from our source to some degree…

This is not all there is to our story!

We are still on our way through life and part of that journey, at least for some of us, is to reconnect with that which we have distanced ourselves from in the process.

Some of us have not forgotten. Some of us carry a vision of our true potential to love, love ourselves as much as other people, love our inner home as much as the world out there.

How then can we manifest that vision?

How can we open our hearts without getting hurt again?

By letting our love take care of the process. Oh yes.

Because love is still there, just waiting for us to let it in

We can let it heal the pain, the shame, the guilt, past and present.

We can let love shine again, through our hearts, our feelings, our bodies, our minds and last but not least, our expression.

It’s a deep process

For some of us, it is perhaps the most important, radical turn on our journey.

Turning protection to openness.

Turning loneliness to joy.

Because we are affected by the way we have learned to protect ourselves more than we are aware of, to replace that protection with the power of love is a deep process that requires a wholehearted commitment. It requires that you

  • Dedicate yourself to making that turn (or continuing it, if you’re in the process already)
  • Follow your heart’s guidance (more about that in a future article)
  • Create a way to move forward through it, so that your intention can become a lasting reality
  • Do whatever transformational work it takes.  I can help you find out what it takes.

I believe that the reason why you’re still reading is because you’re already on your way there and because you haven’t arrived there yet.

The same goes for me, by the way. Even if I’ve gone far, I continue encountering layers of protection, of guilt, of shame, of unworthiness, of resistance and I continue embracing them and transforming them. And finding even more joy, inspiration, insight and strength along the way.

Finding the right person to guide you

After decades on the self-development road, I am now traveling without external help in terms of spiritual/personal guidance (while still accepting and appreciating help from teachers that are more experienced in other areas of life).

This said, before I reached the present state, and before I was able to teach, mentor and coach others, I was blessed by a few magnificent teachers, healers and mentors. Until you have a very strong connection with your inner guidance teachers like these can save you years of pain and struggle. They can help you accelerate your growth.

We are all different and it is important that you find a way to heal yourself that is just right for you. Most of us need some guidance and help along the way. If that guidance is to come from a teacher, mentor or coach, be sure to find one that you can trust, and that supports you 100% in you not only transforming that which stands in the way but also in stepping into your greatness, your dream, your vision. Because this is where an open heart wants to lead you!

“Your heart will always lead you home!” Lissa Rankin (watch this beautiful speech on video!)

Now you may not feel yet as part of what Lisa Rankin calls a “karass” or maybe you have not been able to find or connect with your spiritual family yet. That’s completely natural. Oftentimes, we need to feel and heal ourselves before we can connect with others.
But that doesn’t mean that you have to go it alone. It doesn’t even mean that you are alone on this journey. Look around! We all had our hearts broken. 

Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts below as well – and then share the post. Someone will be glad you did. Thank you!

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