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You Are Not Alone
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You are different. You don’t have to be lonely.

That’s what I learned from a long, deep and intense journey into loneliness – and then into joy and belonging (while living alone).

Do you feel alone?

Whether it’s because of the way you live or because of the way you are,
whether it’s always been like that or it’s just a period of your life,
you too are different somehow.

Not so many people experience life the way you do.

Not so many people express themselves the way you do.
Or are silent the way you are.

You are one of a kind – and that’s a wonderful thing!

But it may not always feel so great.

That’s why we’re building

>> To honor you for who you are

>> To cultivate and inspire your personal, creative and spiritual growth and discovery

>> To support you in moving to the next stage of your life journey, where there is more joy, more vitality, more meaning and stronger sense of belonging – on your own terms.

>> To inspire a way of life where you can be alone as much as you want to without ever feeling lonely

>> To put an end to the invisibility of the Solo Journey 

>> To build a Solo Souls community

We will grow together no matter which of the 7 stages of the journey you’re on

Halina Goldstein
Mentor, teacher, writer
More about Halina here